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Gold and Diamond Necklace, Rajasthan North India
 19th Century

Gold and Diamond Necklace

Rajasthan North India

19th Century

Pendant: 76mm
Necklace: 585mm
Weight: 264 g

The gold necklace – known as a Baleora - consists of seven flat gold chains ornamented with six diamond-set ornaments spaced evenly along the length of the chains. There are two diamond-set terminals at each end of these flat chains.  Attached to these terminals, the necklace is further lengthened by the addition of four loop-in-loop chains that are looped through a large S-hook which securely fastens the necklace.  The center of the S-hook is covered with a rosette with ruby petals surrounding an emerald center.

A central floral diamond-set ornament marks the lowest point of the necklace, this supports a second floral drop from which a single gold-capped, pear-shaped emerald is suspended.


Male Brahmins and Jain Merchants wore similar necklaces until the early 20th Century.

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