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A Gold And Crystal Ring

A Gold And Crystal Ring

Khmer 14th Century or Champa 14th Century

Size: US 5.5
Weight: 22 g

The base of the solid gold ring was first cast, subsequently all details were chased in with great care by a highly skilled artisan using fine punches and chisels. The ring shows a shank of u-shaped cross section broadening to very elaborate shoulders richly enhanced with scrolls and chiseled pellets and two inward facing makara heads holding between them a double lotus bezel with a cabochon crystal and two cabochon rubies placed into the nostrils of the makara.

CF. Picron, C.B “ Jewels for a King” Part 1, Indo – Asiatishe Zeitschrift, vol,14,2014 pp 42-56, Part 11,vol 15,pp 41-57


Markbreiter Collection Hong Kong