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A Gold Marriage Necklace, Aceh Province Indonesia  18th - 19th Century CE

A Gold Marriage Necklace

Aceh Province Indonesia

18th - 19th Century CE

Width: 14cm
Weight: 174 grams

Very fine pierced granulated gold frieze is placed in a copper frame and attached with gold threads. Five linked sections give the necklace flexibility.

The triangular border at the top of the necklace represents bamboo shoots, which symbolize life and energy. Below that is a frieze of delicate floral decoration. A triangular pendant is fixed onto the neck- band is inset with a diamond amidst floral decoration.

The Aceh state was established in the 16th Century by a refugee dynasty from the Champa. Aceh became the hub of Muslim traders sailing to and from the Islamic west. It is believed that goldsmiths came from Arabia to Aceh. Traditionally each family had two traditional sets of gold jewellery.